The last one is a new release realized by Panda dubBlack Bamboo. The second production of this young French producer on ODG.
As on his first publication, Panda dub presents a dub which is influenced by various kind of musics. The main sound is based on a dub at the same time steppa and electro. We can say the electro-dub influence is more developed on this new production than his previous release. In end, the producer find the good balance between dub stepper and novo-dub. The novo side accentuated by the samples from Ethnic musics and some tones very electro.
Will feel also the influence of some other music makers who are not especially dub producers. Per example, a track remember a famous composition of Yann Tiersen. As well as some others remind us music of various dub master such as the band Improvisators dub. By the way, a track in memory of Manutension, who disappeared the last year and founder of this band, is proposed by Panda dub. Nice.
So, a nice release of 10 tracks distributed for free under a Creative Commons license… don’t hesitate to share it.

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