1. 01 01-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Faya A Go Red feat.Sammy Gold Uptown Rebel
  2. 02 02-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Dub A Go Red Uptown Rebel
  3. 03 03-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Original Ghetto Sound feat. Zion UK Uptown Rebel
  4. 04 04-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Rising Fate Uptown Rebel
  5. 05 05-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Rising Dub (Dub Machinist remix) Uptown Rebel
  6. 06 06-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Random Road part.1 Uptown Rebel
  7. 07 07-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Random Road part.2 Uptown Rebel
  8. 08 08-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Cold Chaos part.1 Uptown Rebel
  9. 09 09-Uptown Rebel(Random Road)-Cold Chaos part.2 Uptown Rebel
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Art-X is a composer, keyboardist, and also melodica player since the age of 16.
He founded with his brother the band Ondubground in 2004. After the release of 15 albums and EPs, and many collaborations with for example Biga Ranx and Brother Culture, Art-X decided in 2014 to create his solo project, with the release of his first album dedicated to his favorite instrument.
On stage, Art-X offers a live duo mix melodica from dub roots to dub stepper.

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