27 June 2016

Bass Culture Players meets Rebel-I - Digital Mi Digital

  1. 01 When Jah Jah Come rebelisound
  2. 02 When Jah Jah Dub Feat. Murjah Warriors rebelisound
  3. 03 Soundbwoy Feat. Yeyo Perez rebelisound
  4. 04 Dubbwoy rebelisound
  5. 05 Bum Di Ganja Feat. George Palmer rebelisound
  6. 06 Dub Di Ganja rebelisound
  7. 07 Warning rebelisound
  8. 08 Warning Dub rebelisound
  9. 09 Jah Nuh Dead rebelisound
  10. 10 Dub Nuh Dead (Mr Zebre's Mix) rebelisound
Play List

Bass Culture Players is a roots music project settled in Madrid (Spain). Puppa Shan leads this approach to the different music styles and culture rooted and developed in Jamaica and U.K. during the 70´s and 80´s. 

Discoinferno Studio is where music production takes place, using analogical equipment and traditional techniques.

We will be updating with own productions and collaborative ones.

No event planned yet!