Natural High Dubs – Inna Wild Style (Part. 3) (2017)

Tracklist :
01 – The dog who have bitten me 3″30
02 – Is already running after you 3″26

Keyboard player with French band high tone for twenty years, with many releases and numerous tours in france and europe under his belt, Antonin Chaplain built up a strong experience as a musician and producer. He started to produce as Natural high dubs in 2009, when he launched the dub invaders project, (dedicated to the sound system culture) playing alongside O.B.F, Dub Addict, Dawa Hi Fi amongst others. His uncompromising, raw and minimal sound is a blend of digital reggae, UK dub and stepper, performed live on an analog desk and digital effects. He has already piled up quite a few releases featuring Shanti-D, Pupa Jim, Dan Man & Joe Pilgrim, on labels such jarring effects, ODG and Marée bass.

All tracks composed & mixed by Antonin Chaplain aka Natural High Dubs
Mastering : Mathieu Monnot  –
Artwork : damStern