18 January 2016

Jungle Weed - Jungle Book

  1. 01 Chapitre 1 "Bolenath" शिव Jungle Weed
  2. 02 Chapitre 2 "Tuck Tuck Song" रिक्शा गीत Jungle Weed
  3. 03 Chapitre 3 "Diwali Is Coming" दिवाली आ रही है Jungle Weed
  4. 04 Chapitre 4 "Samsara" संसार Jungle Weed
  5. 05 Chapitre 5 "In The Cloud" बादलों में Jungle Weed
  6. 06 Chapitre 6 "Tibetan Sorrow" तिब्बती दु: ख Jungle Weed

After Bollyworld EP Jungle Weed is back with Jungle Book Ep. He’s a french Dub-trotter, he travels with his home studio and recorded sounds and musicians he met. Asia and mainly India are his preferred destination. A fine mix of electronic dub and unique ethnique samples, that’s the Jungle Weed recipe.