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In this early August Original Dub Gathering had to bring you some freshness with a new release. “Dub is Reggae, Reggae is Dub”Manutension used to say, that’s why ODGProd is proud to welcome a duo of singer flirting with the origins of the style. Fu Steps delivers us today, “Holidays” their first EP on the netlabel, containing two tracks and their respective dub versions, this EP is just a foretaste of their next album .. But let’s talk about them.

Native of Rouen in France, it’s in the Hiphop that they began to hone their flows, but it’s in the reggae / dub they were revealed. Two voices in perfect harmony give rise to a true musical identity that will resonate among some English producers. The first collaboration, the 7″ “Mr Greedy” with Dougie Conscious, on the label conscious sound was a real succes with fans of reggae / dub with. The second 7inch “Wicked men”, released on the label “vibescreator”, was also a collaboration with Dougie but also with their friend and selecta from Nyabin sound “Flo”.

Interested in the footprint “Fu-steps,” it’s time for the Scottish Mungo’s Hifi to propose an other collaboration. Fu-steps appears on the serie named “Bad from Riddim” with the track “it’s rough” produced by the label “Scotch Bonnet“. On stage, they do not hesitate to take the mic as soon as the opportunity arises and are encouraged across Europe to share their musical passion :  Sound-Systems in London, Lisbon, Rome, Paris, Belgium and many … others.

After enriched experience and encounters, both in the studio or live, Fu-steps created their own label “Orcast” and produced their first release in 2009 with the face A “Coz we are youth” and opposite b “Politicians” featured Mighty Cricket. At the end of 2010 they released another vinyl with the two tracks “My Sound” and “Going Round“.

This year, Fu-steps prepare the release of their first album, an album where fans can experience the great sound of the duo of singers and producers, who promises to bring a breath of fresh air to vibrate and above all of us, touching our particular musical sensibilities. The last release on Orcast tilted “Babylon soldiers / Come from a land” is already available in 12 inch vinyl, listening on the facebook group.

Exclusively for ODGProd, Fu-steps gives you today two new tracks that will vibrate your summer parties. Yes We Need holidays !

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