Mexican Stepper – Piramide Del Sol

Yasser Serrano a.k.a. Mexican Stepper is an active member of Mexican dub third wave, the project came in 2009 with the intention of creating a Mexican project of international significance. In the end of 2012 makes its presentation in the dub scene with the compilation ” Vati-caen Box Vol.1″ released by ODG , this has become one of the most interesting projects in mexico dub . In 2013 published his first work on labels like Aztek Electronic Music , “Children of the Sun EP” , Dubophonic Net Label, “Mad Sunday EP” with remixes of the track homonym, with Green Beats Dub Net Label Launches an EP in collaboration with Jamaican artist ibel Campbell, among some other singles , remixes , collaborations and compiled the intl dub family. Somes groups of Mexican DUB has allowed him to share the stage with artists such as energy and Mungos Hi- Fi , Iration Steppas , Ras Kush , Mayd Hubb , Mr. Williamz , Danman , Joe Pilgrim , Brother Culture , Digital Dubs , Dan I, among othersPyramid of the Sun – Mexican Stepper. In early 2013, mexican stepper initiated a project called “Teotihuacan”, a series of 2 LP, in which sought to capture part of learning and friendships gained through music in the year, and transmit to dub a little the great cultural wealth, enriching it with the universal musical elements, achieving an LP full of powerful lyrics and sounds. It’s definitely ideal time and place to launch the first one of both LP’s: “Pyramid of the  Sun” in one of the most important dub label from Europe.